Key Information


ID Academy is an independent special school. The provision is specifically for 20 pupils aged 11-16. The school admits pupils with special educational needs and the school caters for pupils with Social, Emotional or Mental Health Needs (SEMH). Please view our Admissions Policy available in the Key Policies section of the website. ID Academy is part of the NE12 procurement agreement which commissions placements in Department for Education registered non-maintained and independent special schools and colleges.The school accepts referrals through the NE12 Commissioning Framework and we welcome private referrals from parents/carers. We also welcome referrals from other providers and local authorities that are not in the North East of England.

Leaders’ high expectations have ensured that good teaching, learning and assessment help pupils to make good progress overall.

Ofsted, October 2018


Fees are paid by Local Authorities. The fees we set are in line with the regional funding framework and cover an all inclusive package for pupils who attend our school. The core offer can be supplemented by additional services that may be academically beneficial to pupils who attend our school. Such additional services may include therapeutic support, counselling, educational psychology support or language and communication support. Transport costs to and from school are not included in our fees.


At ID Academy any placement shall initially be for a trial period of up to 28 days during which time the school will review the suitability of the placement to ascertain whether the placement can meet the assessed needs. If we determine within the first 28 days that the pupil’s needs can not be met appropriately within the placement then we will give a minimum of 7 days notice to the placing authority and/or parent/carer to terminate the placement. Please view our Behaviour Policy available in the Key Policies section of the website.

Special Educational Needs

We can offer an inclusive approach towards education and care which centres on delivering the curriculum creatively and the provision of education at our school relies on recognising and making the most of opportunities as and when they arise to enable each individual young person to learn in the way that best fits their interests and abilities.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for ID Academy is Miss Susan Park, Headteacher. Please view our Special Educational Needs Policy which is available in the Key Policies section of the website. The Accessibility Plan and the SEN Information Report are updated annually and copies are available from the Headteacher.


Further information about the Curriculum offered at ID Academy is available in the Curriculum Policy which is available in the Key Policies section of the website.

Careers programme information:

At ID Academy the school’s careers programme relates to the delivery of careers guidance to year 8 to year 11 pupils (12 to 16 year olds). The school’s Careers Leader is Miss Susan Park Tel: 0191 2303090. The Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Curriculum Map for Careers Education has been reviewed for the academic year 2019/20.

Careers lessons include:

  • Opportunities for employer engagement with school, including visits to school from employers or pupil work experience placements
  • Excellent advice and guidance to enable pupils to use data and technology to investigate a range of further education and future career opportunities
  • Personal career planning
  • Exploring different occupational sectors.

Careers Guidance

Other units of study include detailed careers guidance on a range of possible opportunities for pupils and enabling pupils to research a range of careers that interest them. The Careers Education curriculum offer is reviewed annually and included in the school’s Curriculum Policy with links included in the relevant Curriculum Maps.

Pupils, parents/carers, other schools, colleges, providers of technical education and apprenticeships and employers may access information about the careers programme at ID Academy by contacting the Headteacher.

The school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils through monitoring their progress when they return to mainstream school or move on to further education. Termly pupil feedback is also used to gather pupils’ views about the careers curriculum delivered at the school.

ID Academy follows the statutory guidance for schools on careers guidance and access for education and training providers.


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